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  • 50字日记大全-我的妈妈英语作文三篇

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    My mother is a doctor. HerEnglish name is Amy. She is thirty-five years old. She is very nice .She has along hair and two black eye. And she has a small mouth and small nose. Mymother loves me very much. She is good at cooking. She likes singing. Everyday, she will sing many songs.


    I love my mother; my mother lovesme, too. We are very happily.



    I have a great mother. She cares much about me in my life and study. In the morning, she gets up early to make breakfast for me. When I was little, she prepared my schoolbag. But now, she tells me to do it by myself. Because she thinks I have been old enough to do it. Besides, she always checks my homework. When I finish my homework, she checks it and points out the mistakes. She is very careful and helps me a lot. I love my mother.



    My mother is 35 years old. But I still can see how beautiful she is when she is young. She is not too tall but very thin. Her eyes are black. Her hair is blackand there is several white hair.


    She takes me to school every day. In the evening she help me with my homework. If I’m hungry she will cook my favourite meals. She’s always trying to encourage me to try something new. I think my mother is the best person in this world. She is always be there for me when I need her. I love her so much. She is my hero.


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