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    Our school, which was set up in 1945, lies in the south of Changchun City. It is famous in our city.

    It has 24 classes. 8 classes in each grade. The number of the students and teachers adds up to over 2,000. In the front of the school stands a high classroom building, behind which is a lab buiding. We have many of our chemistry and biology classes in it. Between them is a new library built 3 years ago. There are a large number of books there. After lunch a number of students like reading there.

    On the right there is a football field and two basketball courts. They are our favorite places in our spare time. It is said that a swimming pool will be built to the left.

    Our school is big and beautiful, covered with green trees and colorful flowers. Many piople call it a garden school. It’s really a good place for us to study in.





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